Although fishing is the oldest way of earning a living by catching and selling produce from the sea, it is also one of the most popular recreational pursuits. Sports fishermen use rods, reels, bait and tackle to help them catch the fish. It plays a big part in the tourist industry of areas where there are lakes and rivers well stocked with game fish and for deep sea charters taking avid fishing enthusiasts to the best places for larger fish species that are harder to catch.

In recreational fishing there are rules and regulations for the various areas to which one must adhere. There may be certain dates when a specific species of fish cannot be caught and at certain times of the year, certain rivers may be off limits. This is true of salmon during the spawning period. These rules also set out the types fishing equipment that can be used. The use of nets and traps are not permitted in this type of fishing.

The equipment used in fishing consists of:

Fishing with a hook and line is also called angling. The main method used in recreational fishing is called trolling. In this method, you would cast out the line and slowly reel it in so that the lure just trolls through the water. It is used in catching small freshwater fish as well as big game fish. Coarse fishing is quite commonly used in the UK and Europe. In this method a float is used and the bait on the hook is suspended in the water. The angler does not move the line and waits for the fish to grab the bait.

Big game fish are those such as tuna, marlin and sharks. The primary reward in this type of fishing is the thrill of the catch. These anglers do not keep the fish but release it back into the water, once they have their photo or video taken standing next to it.